It's beginning to look a lot like Catmas

  • 13.12.2017

Yesterday the big hoomans put up a giant cat toy! It’s amazing! It’s green, tall and spiky, smells like the outside and is fun to chew.

But best of all, it’s FULL of shiny balls, sparkly ribbon and has fake birds on it and a star on top!

I don’t know why, but they get angry when I try to knock things down from it. But I secretly played with it in the night and ate some of the things on it.

I hope they keep they toy up for a while. I’ve got my eye on some of the balls they put near the top of it. LOL!


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No Escape!

  • 03.05.2017

So, the hooman has recently started crawling, and she's getting faster! I've tried to hide in all my usual places but she seems to know where they are and comes to find me.

I can't blame her - I am pretty fun to hang out with.

Here I am hiding on my absolute favourite spot on the bed. 

And here i'm trying to catchup on some Netflix on the sofa, but that didn't last long.

I even tried to hide on my favourite chair but she found me there too.


I hid behind the cushions but i was spotted there too.


I guess it's kinda nice to get cuddles though :)


Kelly & Apollo 


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Apollo’s Modelling Tips

  • 09.11.2016

Hi Guys!
Recently I was asked to model for a feature in a magazine - I know, no surprise right, since I’m so handsome :)

I thought I’d share my top tips for how to get a great photo of your feline friend.

1)    TREATS! and lots of them!

Hold a piece of freeze dried chicken behind the camera lens or above your smart phone, and there you go…your cat will be distracted long enough to get a great pic. Don’t forget to give the treat to your cat after you’ve got your pic :)

2) TOYS!

Cat wands are best for getting pictures, rustle it next to the camera and snap away!

3) Storage

Make sure you have lots of storage available on your phone or camera…it can often take many attempts before you get a good picture, cats don’t sit still for long!

4) Lighting

Don’t even attempt to take a picture in the evening. You need some good daylight ideally to get a picture that brings out the best in your cat.

5) Always be ready

Be ready to take a picture whenever your cat is looking cute / being goofy or posing beautifully - keep your camera to hand if you can!

6) Did I mention treats? ;)

if you’re trying to get lots of pics it’s a good idea to have a range of different treats to give your cat.

Happy snapping!

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7 reasons why balconies are great

  • 08.09.2016

A word from our furry friend Apollo!

7 reasons why balconies are great

1.      You can hang out on it when the tiny hooman is screaming, pooping or crying. Which seems to be most of the time. 
Take a look at this cute video 

2.      You can spy on the hooman neighbours. Some of them have more tiny screaming hoomans that run around and scream a lot, but some of them have cats that I also spy on. 

3.      You can see birds. There's many of them and one time one of the bigger ones tried to land on the balcony so I scared it away by jumping. Stoopid birds. 

4.      You can catch flies. Not only are they a healthy snack but also fun to play with. Sometimes they fly in to the apartment so I chase them and 'accidentally' smash flower pots. Stoopid flower pots in my way.  

5.      The breeze feels nice on my fur. But not too much breeze. I don't like when it's too windy because it's a bit scary. Then I go inside.

6.   Food. Sometimes if the hoomans are on the balcony eating, and i'm looking cute they give me snacks or treats from their plate!  

7.       Did I mention catching the flies? So much fun catching those little guys. But try to avoid the black and yellow flies because they are not so fun. Do watch this video of me!

All the best, yours, Apollo

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A new hooman in the house!

  • 22.06.2016

So, a few weeks back something weird happened. The hoomans came home with a new a small version of them, a small hooman. It smelled and looked strange, and to be honest I really wasn't sure if i liked it at all. So I sulked a lot, and they gave me lots of treats and cuddles to make me feel better which was pretty nice.

Then I realised that the hooman came with all these cool things I could sit on, play in, hide in and lay on. More toys for me! Bonus! Here are a few pictures of me testing out the new stuff.

A cool chair, that perfectly fits...guess who...yes, me!

A bed on wheels, sometimes the hooman is inside it!! 

A huge bed, just for me

Oh and look, here's a pic of me feeding the baby, see i'm a pretty good big brother! 

We here in Planet Pet Society want to congratulate Apollo and his family for the new baby! Happy days and beautiful moments to you all <3

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