Freezing cold & frozen meat

  • 10.02.2017

 How is everyone? Enjoying the NEW YEAR? This photo is of me, at the doggy park. I'm saying "everything the light touches is mine" to myself. I own that place. Mostly, because usually when I go there, it's empty. Also, because I don't listen to other dogs (or mommy) when they say "I don't own the park".


Mommy says I look like a polar bear now. Apparently she doesn't want to strip my fur before spring. It's been quite cold in Finland and I'm a little dramatic, when it comes to cold. I have to wear a jacket, but mommy says that's only so I don't get any muscle tightness from the cold. But I am dramatic when it comes to my paws. I can't handle the cold. I need to wear booties when it gets really cold. I hate putting them on but love running around in the cold without freezing my paws. Whenever mommy says its time to put them on though, I fall down and play dead.
Yeah. Drama and terriers, a match made in heaven.


So it has been FREEZING cold! But guess what the upside is? It has been GORGEOUS. The colours! The frozen lake, lots of room to run around. I love it. Mommy says, we cannot go to the lake for much longer as spring is coming and the ice isn't thick enough. But I'm making the most of it for now!  



PS.  Here's how you sleep with one eye open. Just in case the hoomans are up to something. Like putting the "frozen meat" I hid, instead of eating, back to the freezer because "it will start to smell". BAH.    
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Merry HO HO!

  • 23.12.2016


I hope you've been good FURriends. Why do I hope that? Because apparently this "santa" is  a fussy guy, just like my mommy. I hear that he sees EVERYTHING, he hears EVERYTHING and he writes everything down. My momma tells me santa EVEN found out  that I chewed on the dining room table yesterday. It was just one corner. They don't eat from the table corner do they? So I don't see what the fuss is about. Well, today I've been SUPER good just in case santa's as sensitive to these things as my mommy. I hope I still get my presents. I've heard my mommy gift wrapping all sorts of  goodies and I can only assume they're ALL for me.


I wanted to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS, so I went to the office today. My gift to the hoomans working there? ME! ME with an awesome BOWTIE! I think that's way more than the hoomans even deserve for christmas, so here you go!

PS. I hope you get amazing gifts for christmas. I'm hoping to find some rabbit poo, gloves, socks, toilet paper rolls and all sorts of food from those wrappings. I'm also very excited to get acquainted with the "christmas tree".  I mean - HOW THOUGHTFUL from the hoomans, to get me an inside toilet? LOVE IT!



PPS. Remember to take it easy. And EAT. Not too much and nothing dangerous of course. But just ENJOY! This is me showing you how to relax during the holidays.

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A week to remember

  • 28.10.2016
HELLO FURriends! My BFF Tigger stayed with us for a week. A whole week! He stayed with us for Monday, for Tuesday, for Wednesday, for.... With me and my mommy! At MY home! What did we do, you might ask? How did we spend the GLORIOUS seven days we had together? Lemme tell you.







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When crazy met crazy

  • 15.09.2016
This just might be my favourite place. There's paths, loads of space, silence, blueberries, lingonberries, exciting scents and usually loads of dogs as well! We go there every week. Mommy has to drive me there by car but it's not too far away. The place is called Horha and it's in Tampere / Ylöjärvi - so if you're from Finland and live near here - you should go!

Don't I look cute? My mommy says I'm still quite special, even though I've apparently "grown up" a lot during the last months. I'm not "as mental" as I used to be. I say, look who's talking hooman. The hoomans never make any sense and I'M the crazy one? Please. But at least I'm cute enough to get treats out of it.

Apparently I still have crazy eyes. Like I'm planning something diabolical at all times. Or so my mommy says. What really counts as diabolical though? All I've done this week is, nothing really. So I stole the toilet paper roll and destroyed it, stole a ball of yarn from my hooman grandmother and ran around the apartment with it in my mouth so that the whole apartment looked like a laser maze. Big whoop!

Because I am so awesome and I've been such a good boy (....) my mommy bought me a new toy to keep me busy. I have to say, I'm not sure if it's a toy or if it's alive. All I know is that my mommy keeps it locked up and monitors me when I'm playing with it. I friggin' LOVE it. It shakes, it sounds like a real dog, it's really furry - it is simply amazing. 'When crazy met crazy' said my mommy. Theehee. She might be on to something. If you live in Finland and you want one, my hooman says she bought it from here: LINK!

I got to spend some time at our cottage during the summer. It is a magical place. Don't tell anyone - but it's SO QUIET out there, that sometimes I get a bit scared. Like when I suddenly hear a bird. And it's dark. Then I go to my hooman and ask her to pick me up and it's all good. Other than that I'm a tough badass terrier, remember that. I won't admit to anything else. I asked my hooman to take you guys some summercottage photos, here they are:

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