• 28.07.2015


I hope you’re summer has been satisfying.I hope your hoomans are treating you like KINGS (and queens). If they aren’t, you have to TRAIN them some more. I have been training my mommy. One time, she stayed at the office for like FOREVER (might’ve been 30 minutes longer than usually, whatever) and I peed in her bed. Just to tell her ‘this is NOT acceptable, mommy!’. I think she’s learning now. I've also mastered my 'treat pose', SEE?

So, guess what happened last week? My hooman did something AMAZING. Mommy brought home a friend for me! A LOVELY terrier lady, named IHQU. We had a SLEEPOVER! I've never had so much FUN in one day. My mommy told me that this was TERRIER MADNESS. For real. She seemed a bit tired for some reason. Silly hoomans. We were NOT tired at all!


We played for hours. We sniffed each others - you know. We shared treats. We ran together. We went to the doggy park together. We watched TV together. We kept my mommy up at night by barking-for-no-reason together. We went for walks together. Oh Ihqu, i am in WUV with you.


I don't know what the hoomans mean when they say 'LOVE MAKES YOU BLIND' or 'LOVE IS BLIND' or something like that. I see perfectly fine. There's nothing on my face! Stay tuned for more TERRIER TALES!

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