Planet Pet society

Planet Pet Society is a Finnish brand established in 2009. Our mission is to offer the best quality in all of our product categories. We offer a wide range of products for dogs and cats. Our product categories include complete meals, wet food and treats.

At Planet Pet Society we care about the wellbeing of animals worldwide. This is why we donate 1 % of our profit to animal welfare each year. Every year we select three charity organizations that share our values. You can vote for the charity of your choice at our website, in the section "Sharing the good". Every vote counts! We also donate pet food, treats and accessories to animal shelters throughout the year. 

The charity organization for our 2019 donation has been chosen!

We are happy to announce that 1 % of Planet Pet Society's annual profit for the year 2019 has been donated to Arche des Associations in France.

Operating since 2014, Arche des Associations is the first French federation whose aim is to bring together a network of several associations involved in animal protection, defense and mediation. It offers support and mentoring and helps the associations increase their visibility and means of action.

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