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Once a year Planet Pet Society donates 1% of its accumulated profit to support the protection and well-being of pets and other animals.

This year our donation candidates come from Russia, Sweden and Rhodes:


DOMASHNY is a Russian animal shelter that is based on private donations without any governmental support or corporate sponsorship. The animal shelter houses 600 dogs full-time in a comfortable and specially designed shelter. Many dogs in the animal shelter have had homes before but for various reasons have ended up homeless. In the shelter the dogs get treated, socialized, vaccinated and most importantly, help to find a new home.

Norrtälje Katthem

Norrtälje Katthem is a Swedish cat shelter that houses vulnerable cats and helps to relocate them to loving homes. In the shelter the cats get good care, food and supervision. Norrtälje Katthem gets funding only from individual donations and selling different goods. It is hard to run a cat shelter, since there are many more cats in need than there is space or funds to help them.

Strays of Raws - Rhodes Animal Welfare Shelter

Rhodes Animal Welfare Shelter offers care to abandoned, ill or mistreated dogs, organizes sterilization of strays and tries to raise awareness in the community about responsible pet ownership and kindness towards animals. The association arranges feeding, cleaning, care and help to find new homes for the animals. The animal shelter holds more than 350 dogs on daily basis. At the moment the association is also helping 80 cats that are facing problems due to covid-19.

The 2020 lottery has ended. We will announce the winner soon!

Charity association of 2019

Last year 1 % of Planet Pet Society's annual profit was donated to Arche des Associations in France.

Operating since 2014, Arche des Associations is the first French federation whose aim is to bring together a network of several associations involved in animal protection, defense and mediation. It offers support and mentoring and helps the associations increase their visibility and means of action.

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