Sharing the good

At Planet Pet Society we are concerned about the well-being of animals worldwide. For this reason Planet Pet Society is donating 1% of its profit to support the protection and well-being of pets and other animals. Once a year we donate accumulated profits to an organization sharing our values of animal well-being.

Charity association of 2020

This year 1 % of Planet Pet Society's annual profit was donated to Strays of Raws - Rhodes Animal Welfare Shelter.

Rhodes Animal Welfare Shelter offers care to abandoned, ill or mistreated dogs, organizes sterilization of strays and tries to raise awareness in the community about responsible pet ownership and kindness towards animals. The association arranges feeding, cleaning, care and help to find new homes for the animals. The animal shelter holds more than 350 on daily basis. At the moment the association is also helping 80 cats that are facing problems due to covid-19.

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