Basic nutritional needs

Genetically speaking, dogs are carnivores. That is why their main nutrients are meat and animal fat. To some extent, however, dogs are also able to utilise products from the plant kingdom. 

People may sometimes consider feeding their dog based on their own diets. Due to the physiological differences in metabolism, the same theories cannot be applied to feeding dogs and humans. While vegetables are health food for humans, dogs do well on a diet of meat, fat, and a reasonable amount of vegetable fibre. 

The dog’s digestive system is shorter compared to humans’. A dog can metabolise fat efficiently, and animal fat is a healthy and important source of energy for dogs. Another important nutrient is animal-based protein.

Dogs eat to meet their energy needs, which vary according to their age and weight. The aroma of the food is more important than its taste, as far as palatability is concerned. In general, dogs do not look for variation in their diet, as they can enjoy the same food for their entire lives.

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