Sharing the good

At Planet Pet Society we are concerned about the well-being of animals worldwide. For this reason Planet Pet Society is donating 1% of its profit to support the protection and well-being of pets and other animals. Once a year we donate accumulated profits to an organization sharing our values of animal well-being.

Charity association of 2021

This year Planet Pet Society food worth of 1 % of our annual profit was donated to three member associations of Animal Welfare Finland (SEY). These associations are the following:


Turku Animal Welfare Association – Tesy ry

South-Eastern Finland Animal Welfare Association – Kasey r.y.

Seinäjoki Region Animal Welfare Association – SSESY


Animal Welfare Finland (SEY), active in animal welfare since 1901, is the biggest and most influential animal welfare group and animal protection expert in Finland. SEY acts for all animals and is active country-wide. The practical animal welfare work of SEY is done by almost 40 member associations, and about 80 volunteering animal welfare inspectors and counsellors.

Turku Animal Welfare Association operates mainly in the field of animal care, the association being responsible for the adoption of abandoned pets and the care of wild animals. In addition, the association promotes animal welfare by providing information, organizing events, and providing advice and guidance on animal welfare. The association cooperates with Turku and other municipalities as well as animal welfare authorities and other actors in the respective field and also with the media.

The purpose of South-Eastern Finland Animal Welfare Association is to promote the protection of animals and to protect animals from suffering and to promote the welfare and good treatment of any animals. The forms of operation are e.g. the operation of an animal welfare center for the abandoned and other homeless pets as well as organizing the adoption operations for these animals and the raising of funds to help animals in need as well as the organization of surgery-, microchip- and vaccination campaigns and other animal welfare events. The association also actively provides information and advice on animal welfare.

Seinäjoki Region Animal Welfare Association works to improve the status of animals and aims at building more animal-friendly society where animals are treated with dignity. The core and heart of the association’s operations are the foster homes. They are crucial since the association does not have separate facilities for the abandoned animals. The association also regularly organizes various events to promote the animal welfare and share information on the topic.

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